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Institute for Learning Professionals
17 Gould Road


8:30am Saturday 17 Nov 2018 to 5:30pm Sunday 18 Nov 2018 (Australia/Brisbane)

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Saturday 17 Nov 2018 6:30am (Australia/Brisbane)

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About this event

At this very different 2 day event with John and Judy Hinwood, you will:

  • Quieten a mind that doesn't easily shut off
  • Take home tangible stress reducing tools to apply immediately in your family, personal life and business - for less hassle, fatigue and irritability
  • Learn simple, sustainable, self-care tools and strategies for stress management that really work
  • Be able to identify what triggers your stress in your every day life - and how to cope with it
  • Learn to balance your mental and physical reactions to create a calmer environment
  • Learn how to understand and be more in control of your emotions, health and relationships in each moment
  • Regain your personal power and inner strength
  • Apply principles of kinesiology and muscle testing to track your improvement over the weekend
  • Begin to clarify what's really important to you and learn how to create and integrate more joy and laughter into your life
  • Painlessly release any heavy burdens that have weighed on you for a while, maybe even for years

What it costs you to miss Build Emotional Reslience?

  • Untreated stress can have long term impacts on your health. In fact, the Australian National Mental Health Commission predicts that by 2020 stress related illness will be the leading cause of global disease.
  • One third of employees say "burnout" was the reason for sick leave and topped the reason to take a sick day. (Safe Work Australia, 2012).
  • The statistics highlight the impact that untreated stress may have on your health, career or business.

Who Should Attend Build Emotional Resilience?

  • Anyone wanting to know how to transform their stress into a source of caring, strength and purpose
  • Professionals who are feeling 'burnt out', exhausted or frustrated with their working environment
  • Anyone tired of their stress impacting family members, partners, children, and work colleagues because of their tiredness or irritability.
  • Anyone wanting to stop their stress controlling their life, or handle any associated feelings like guilt, shame, fear, anger or resentment
  • Anyone who suffers from a lack of energy (regardless of how much sleep they have), tight shoulders and neck, anxiety or repeated rapid breathing
  • Business managers and owners wanting to reduce stress in the working environment
  • Working parents juggling family life, business or work and who are time poor
  • Anyone feeling exhausted or overwhelmed by constantly managing a seemingly stream of stress
  • Anyone who wants strategies to deal with 'stress storms' if they appear in their life
  • Students wanting to deal with the stresses and burdens of managing study, social life and other commitments

Presented by the Stress Management Institute