Bangarra Rekindling Youth Program - Creative Generations 2018

Presented by Department of Education and Bangarra Dance Theatre

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Beenleigh State High School


8:30am Monday 2 Jul 2018 to 11:00pm Saturday 14 Jul 2018 (Australia/Queensland)

Closing date

Monday 4 Jun 2018 3:00pm (Australia/Queensland)

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    3:00pm, 4 Jun 2018 Free

About this event

Program Overview

The program begins with a traditional Welcome to Country. The objective of this first gathering is breaking down the barriers designed to create a nurturing space for the students to get to know the Bangarra team, each other and the Elders. They are introduced to the process of shared learning and exchange. They begin to explore the cultural knowledge of their Elders - their country, language and family. Traditional and western dance styles will be taught as well as other skills from Bangarra%u02BCs performance repertoire to discover the process of storytelling through movement.

During the second gathering the participants engage in creative tasks to explore movement, music, design and creative development. While specific dance skills are explored, they are used as a vehicle to opening up the broader discussion of culture, creativity and storytelling. Students are shown different techniques of how to make movement using rhythms, floor patterns, and use of objects to tell their story.

Continuing into show week the participants continue their skills and movement development and prepare for their own creative work. They are introduced to production elements and skills - props, staging, sound and costume. The program culminates in a public showcase in the 2018 Creative Generations where Students will perform to share their cultural learnings with their peers, family, school, Elders, broader community and a live TV audience via Network Ten.

Open only to select students in the South East Region, the program will run on the following dates:

Training Dates:

Week 1- 2nd July - 6th July- (Beenleigh SHS) During School Holidays

Week 2- 9th July - 10th July (Beenleigh SHS) During School Holidays

Week 2- 11th July - 12th July (Brisbane Convention Centre) During School Holidays

Show Dates

Week 3- 13th - 14th July (Brisbane Convention Centre) During School Holidays