Hills Winter Sleep Out 2017

Peter McLoughlin

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I am participating in this initiative to raise awareness of homelessness and its causes in the Hills. Often homelessness comes in the form of 'couch surfing' or those looking for crisis accommodation as a result of domestic violence or financial hardship.
The money raised from this event will go to assist the vital work carried out by Hills Community Aid, The Lisa Harnum Foundation and Give and Take.
Please consider participating or alternatively sponsor me (all tickets/donations are tax deductible) to spend the night roughing it under the elements with nothing but a cardboard box to sleep on!
Thank you

About this event

Join us for the 2017 Hills Winter Sleep Out

The Hills Winter Sleep Out aims to raise awareness of homelessness in the Hills and the circumstances such as DV, mental illness and financial hardship that can lead to individuals/families finding themselves without a roof over their head.
The Hills Winter Sleep Out offers participants the opportunity to gain an insight into what it would be like to be homeless and to rough it on the streets with only a piece of cardboard to sleep on!
This year the sleep out will be raising funds to support the vital work of local charities including Hills Community Aid, Lisa Harnum Foundation and Give and Take. These charities work with the homeless, victims of DV and those at risk of homelessness in our community everyday.
All donations/sponsorship money are TAX DEDUCTIBLE.
Thank you for your support.
The Hills Winter Sleep Out Committee.

Peter raised so far: $1,115.00

Overall rank: 14/96
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Hills Football

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Peter McLoughlin $1,115.00
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Jason Marshall $250.00

Team Hills Football Tally: $2570.00
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Raised so far: $1,115.00

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